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I want to work in a job that requires a medical exam, but I already have my work permit. What do I do?

Ukrainian nationals and their family members in Canada

If you need to apply for a work permit, extend your work permit or remove the conditions on it, follow these special instructions.

If you got a Port of Entry (POE) letter of introduction for an open work permit or if you’ve got an open work permit and didn’t get a medical exam, but you now want to work in a job that requires a medical exam, follow these instructions.

If you haven’t left your country of residence yet

You must:

  • get an “up-front” medical exam
    • This means you’re doing so before a migration officer has asked you to
  • bring proof that you’ve had a medical exam and give it to the border services officer when you enter Canada
    • This is the printed “Information Sheet” you’ll get from the panel physician who performed the medical exam

The border services officer will then be able to adjust the conditions on your work permit before giving it to you.

Note: The results of your medical exam may not appear in the system right away. The migration officer must see the results in the system to give you the new work permit. Exam results are usually processed within 30 days. However, this sometimes takes longer. To confirm if your results are in the system, you may contact your migration office through our web form.

If you’re already in Canada

You must:

  • get an “up-front” medical exam
    • This means you’re doing so without the case processing centre asking you to
  • submit an application to change your work permit conditions, with all the required documents
    • On the IMM 5710 form, for 1 a) under “Details of intended work in Canada”, select “Other”
    • Also on the IMM 5710 form, for 1 b), under “Other”, write that you need the conditions removed (not authorized to work in childcare, primary/secondary school teachings, health service field occupations)
    • Include a short letter of explanation as to why you need them removed (to work in a job that requires one)
      • If applying online, include this letter when you are asked to upload your various documents

If you don’t have an open work permit

You must apply for a new work permit for the job that requires the medical exam.

Note: If you’re applying under International Experience Canada (IEC), you must follow the International Experience Canada instructions.

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